Grab your favorite Fabrics and let's start our 2020 Modern Home Arts Quilt Along!

Starting on January 13th, every Monday, instructions for a new block will be posted. Links to all of the block instructions will be here and on our Facebook Page - 

By the end of April we will have made a fun modern quilt that will be approximately 80" x 80" 

Here's the information you need to get ready.

Go Shopping!! - Check out the quilt along bundles on our product page or get creative and design your own combination!  You will need the following fabric cuts in your choice of colors and designs:

Quilt Along Instructions

Kickoff Video

Quilt Along Project Layout

Quilt Along Project Fabric Chart


Fabric Selection Video 

2020 Quilt Along Fabric Bundles


WEEK 1 - Video

Week 1 Instructions


WEEK 2 - Video

Week 2 Instructions


WEEK 3 - Video

Week 3 Instructions


WEEK 4 - Video

Week 4 Instructions


WEEK 5 - Video

Week 5 Instructions


WEEK 6 - Video

Week 6 Instructions


Week 7 - Video - QuiltCon


WEEK 8 - Video

Week 8 Instructions


Week 9 - Video

Week 9 Instructions


Week 10 - Video

Week 10 Instructions


Week 11 - Video

Week 11 Instructions