Welcome to our home!

Modern Home Arts was created by Dawn Gifford in late 2015 and then Karen Fisher joined the journey in 2017.  Both are IT professionals with a passion for quilting and fiber arts.

Some time ago, Dawn discovered that many of her employees, co-workers and even her daughter no longer have had exposure to any of the home arts that were once part of our school curriculum and passed down from our mothers.  Home economics were not offered when Dawn went to school either - it was deemed to be a "conspiracy to keep women in the kitchen" and any "highly educated successful career woman" would have no use for such a thing!  So today most women do not know how to do sew, quilt, knit, etc, as the generation before us did.  Friends and employees started asking Dawn to host work shops and show them how to create and get started.  That lead us to see an interesting void in our culture today that has robbed us from enjoying the creativity & sense of accomplishment that comes with practicing home arts.  So our studio and business was born.

We welcome you to join our journey and discover the fun, community and accomplishment of fine home arts.  

Dawn Gifford